Tutorial | How to make a high jump / low gravity server COD4

I spent a lot of time researching how to run a high jump or low gravity cod4 server, and I found a somewhat good solution to it. What follows is my duct-tape solution. 😀


Once you have a functioning COD4 server, add this to the last line of your server.cfg

//Low Gravity
wait 1
exec lowgravity.cfg

Then make a new file and call it lowgravity.cfg

enter the following into it (you can change the parameters to suite your needs)

jump_height 330
g_gravity 300
bg_fallDamageMinHeight 10000
bg_fallDamageMaxHeight 10000
pb_sv_task 30 30 “g_gravity 300”
pb_sv_task 30 30 “jump_height 330”
pb_sv_task 30 30 “bg_fallDamageMinHeight 10000”
pb_sv_task 30 30 “bg_fallDamageMaxHeight 10000”

That should work. I know that there is another way to do it, but I haven’t been able to coax it out of the server owner!

This will enable high jump / low gravity on your ranked COD4 server WITHOUT enabling cheats. Hopefully you can get some enjoyment out of it. If you have any suggestions or other ideas, please let me know below. Happy fragging!

5 thoughts on “Tutorial | How to make a high jump / low gravity server COD4

  1. Ayaz Hameed

    I have set all these cod 4 high jump server’s setting but it is not working.
    when I launched cod4 server it say’s.

    sv_cheats is read only.
    sv_punkbuster is write protected.
    execing lowgravity.cfg from disk
    Unknown command “jump_height”
    Unknown command “g_gravity”
    Unknown command “bg_fallDamageMinHeight”
    Unknown command “bg_fallDamageMaxHeight”
    Hitch warning: 1058 msec frame time

    Please Help me fix it.

    1. will Post author

      Did you copy/paste the exact commands I posted? I’m not sure what your problem is, I just know that this worked for me in the past.


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