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Fulljoin PPS301 Review

Also known as: SVP XT8PPS, Pocket WiFi PPS Wireless Internet Radio.


I bought my PPS301 on Ebay for around $50 with shipping. I wanted it so I could listen to radio streams at night while laying in bed, or around the house during the day. I found this radio and it looked like it would suit my needs: It has a built in speaker and it looked pretty similar to the Mutant portable radios. I found it hard to find information on the radio online, as the manufacturer doesn’t have a very good website.

This radio uses the service that is OK. I wasn’t really interested in using a service, but its handy to find all sorts of music from around the world. The main thing I was interested in was programming my custom stations in (Mostly Art Bell streams). The instruction manual was missing the portion that gave directions on how to input custom stations, so I took it upon myself to figure it out.

The first thing I did was find the IP address of the radio, which is displayed in the setup menu on the device. Mine had the address of I tried putting that address into my web browser, but was met with a failed load. I ran a portscan of the address, and found port 23 to be open. I telnetted into the device using putty, and guessed the username/password. For my device the username was root, no password.



It runs a version of Linux, so I was able to quickly look around and find what was installed on the device. I noticed that in /home/httpd/ there were files for a website. I kept digging around, and found a little program called boa. I Googled that and found that it is a lightweight web server. YES!  I typed boa in the command line, and refreshed my web browser.



I was greeted by a configuration website that allowed me to input my own custom stations. Now I have my stations saved, and I can find them using the Groups function of the radio. I am very pleased.


Easily connected to my WPA2 wifi, has good audio quality, nice selection of stations (, feels solid.
Required workaround to input custom stations.

I am happy with the radio.

Ajaxplorer – Navigation Loaded Start error

Hi all, I have a nice little Ajaxplorer implementation running, and 99% of the time it works perfect. However, every once in a while I get careless and run out of disk space on the drive that it runs off from. This causes the script to freak out a bit and doesn’t let anyone log in. Here is what I did to restore access to my server.

I couldn’t log in, as it would hang on “Navigation Loaded”. In the log I found this cryptic message:

message=array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given

I knew it had something to do with the disk space error, and it was most likely a plugin issue with the login plugin.

FTP (or access the files however you normally would) into your server, and go to the /data/cache/i18n folder. Delete the file en_plugins_messages.ser . Reload the page and you should be able to log in! If that doesn’t work, try deleting the two .ser files in the cache folder. When the page is refreshed all of these files will be regenerated.

Another thing to do while you’re deleting stuff is to check out the /tmp directory on your server (if you have access). Ajaxplorer makes a lot of files here while it zips stuff up, and sometimes things are left over. I found a 17gb zip file in there today that should not have been there. I will be purging /tmp more often now that I know that things aren’t always being deleted.

Good luck! If you need any more help check out the ajaxplorer forums at . They have a really great search function, so USE IT! Enjoy!