Monthly Archives: March 2014

Storja Tech


An interesting story came up a few weeks ago about a company claiming to have in their possession technology that would revolutionize the telecommunications world. Their claims included free petabyte speed interent access nationwide, free cell phone service among others. The said that Microsoft purchased the right to work with this company for a little over $3 million. 

I have been searching for information regarding this company off and on since their initial claims surfaced, and not much else has been announced. Their primary channels of communication seem to job posting boards and newswire services.

They are having a members only conference today (March 8, 2014) in New York City, but no information has surfaced about the contents of the meeting. It is hard to say what is happening behind the closed doors.

There are many theories behind what/who they are, but at this point I believe they are a group of people trying to make some money and run. They are charging $50 to attend their conference today, and I am sure they will be holding them elsewhere shortly. There are plenty of gullible investors out there that will get overwhelmed with Storja’s claims, and may drop sizable amounts of money on little more than words.

There is no technical way that the technology that they are describing can exist. I do look forward to seeing how it plays out. It is reminiscent of the Andrea Rossi E-Cat saga from late 2011.