How to have a high xp server in fourDeltaOne (mw2)

Some of you may be wondering how you can get your own high xp server in fourDeltaOne MW2. Here is a simple guide for the process.

First you will need a good, clean server.cfg . Here is one that I use for my high xp servers.


// — QUERY INFORMATION ——————————–

set sv_hostname “server name!”

// optional settings returned by ‘serverinfo’ command
sets _Admin “”
sets _Email “”
sets _Website “”
sets _Location “”


set rcon_password “***********”
set sv_privatePassword “”
set privateMatch_serverPassword “”

set sv_maxPing “999”

set g_inactivity “180”
set g_inactivitySpectator “0”

set g_logSync “1”
sv log_damage “0”
set g_log “games_mp.log”

set aiw_sayName “^7Console”

set scr_teambalance “1”
set scr_player_maxhealth “25”
set scr_dm_score_kill “1000”


set g_hardcore “1”
set ui_hud_hardcore “1”
set scr_hardcore “1”

//set scr_team_fftype “0”
set scr_player_healthregentime “0”

set g_speed “190”

set scr_thirdperson “0”

set scr_game_hardpoints “1”
set scr_game_perks “1”
set scr_game_spectatetype “1”
set scr_game_allowkillcam “1”

set scr_diehard “0”


// – FFA

set scr_dm_scorelimit “45000”
set scr_dm_timelimit “20.0”

set scr_dm_playerrespawndelay “-1”

set scr_dm_numlives “0”
set scr_dm_promode”0″

// – Team Deathmatch

set scr_war_scorelimit “150000”
set scr_war_timelimit “20.0”

set scr_war_playerrespawndelay “-1”
set scr_war_waverespawndelay “0”

set scr_war_numlives “0”
set scr_war_promode “0”

set scr_war_roundlimit “1”
set scr_war_winlimit “1”

// — AUTOMATED ROTATION ——————————-

set sv_mapRotation “gametype dm map mp_rust”


In case you missed it, the key parameter added was…

set scr_dm_score_kill “1000”

That will set FFA scores to 1000 per kill. you can change it to set scr_war_score_kill”1000″ to do it for TDM, and you can figure out the rest. Make sure to use a clean simple config though, as it may crash your server if you don’t. Good luck!

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