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Open source Craigslist clone


A few days ago I had the urge to start a new project aimed at college students. I recall hearing someone say that they wished there was a place for them to find people to “hook-up” with on campus. That got me thinking about Craigslist, but with a twist. Instead of the site being devoted to a geographical location such as a city, my site would be targeted at a specific campus. Once I got the initial idea I had to find some software to implement (why reinvent the wheel?). I tried a few different “Craigslist clone scripts” and the like, but none of them offered what I was looking for. I needed the site to be simple and clean, but also easily manageable. After searching for a few hours I came across OSClass.

If WordPress’ admin UI is a 8/10 in terms of look and functionality, OSClass’ would be a 9 or 10. It is simply fantastic.You can control everything from the easy to use control panel that is very intuitive. So far I haven’t done much more work with the idea, and probably never will. But I was able to tinker around with some cool software, and maybe one day I will implement it for my campus. All I would need to do at this point is buy a domain name (I don’t feel like using a subdomain of willstare.com) and away I will go. I don’t know how much demand there would be for such a site, but people usually have a way of finding innovative uses for things given the opportunity to use it.

So go check out OSClass, you will be very impressed.

osclass front
Main page of my OSClass site.

management 1 osclass
Main dashboard page in the admin panel.

oc class statistics
Some statistics and graphs about the site.