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An interesting story came up a few weeks ago about a company claiming to have in their possession technology that would revolutionize the telecommunications world. Their claims included free petabyte speed interent access nationwide, free cell phone service among others. The said that Microsoft purchased the right to work with this company for a little over $3 million. 

I have been searching for information regarding this company off and on since their initial claims surfaced, and not much else has been announced. Their primary channels of communication seem to job posting boards and newswire services.

They are having a members only conference today (March 8, 2014) in New York City, but no information has surfaced about the contents of the meeting. It is hard to say what is happening behind the closed doors.

There are many theories behind what/who they are, but at this point I believe they are a group of people trying to make some money and run. They are charging $50 to attend their conference today, and I am sure they will be holding them elsewhere shortly. There are plenty of gullible investors out there that will get overwhelmed with Storja’s claims, and may drop sizable amounts of money on little more than words.

There is no technical way that the technology that they are describing can exist. I do look forward to seeing how it plays out. It is reminiscent of the Andrea Rossi E-Cat saga from late 2011.


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  1. Mark morales

    Same here I have screenshots and reddits they sent job offers after asking for resumes but said please $50 to speak to HR and fill out paperwork
    Check their twitter they delete bad dm’s often
    They posted $50 hire on the spot ads 25x on craigslist on Friday. And they cancelled last week with no refunds offered imagine being desperate for a job making plans for a 4pm “conference” then traveling and having to explain to your family it’s an open bar 7-9 pm. Note they are running two scams media model conference in morning & it tech scam in afternoon.

    1. will Post author

      Wow, I didn’t realize they weren’t offering refunds for the cancelled conference. I am still struggling to understand how this ‘scam’ could ever pay off.. I can’t imagine that they’re making bundles of money off from desperate job hunters. But they have invested a lot of time/money getting exposure and interest. I guess we will eventually find out.

  2. Mark morales

    Wow you are the only site I can find today they already posted a $50 conference for next Saturday at same hotel?

    Where are the reviews and info thanks for being on top of this!!!

    Twitter refund requests are getting deleted off their page

    1. will Post author

      The conference was yesterday, March 8th. Their twitter is pretty barren now, not much information. I haven’t seen a single piece of information about the conference that was yesterday. Pretty strange.

  3. AwareJobSeeker

    pretty amazing that just decided to remove all of today’s informative posts from their discussion threads. You know, like how I discuss the availability of the Manhattan district attorney’s office to all those who think they’re being scammed? Yeah little tidbits like that! Well they took ads from this nebulous entity, so I guess their credit card was working back then and that seems to be all that cares about.

  4. Neil Siegfried

    On a blog posted with the job search company Indeed has also been deleating bad press about this company, and one statement by a person who says they work there is the their name is a DBA.
    I have check with the State of New York and this company is not only not registered but there is no business licenses issued. The number posted for their “press person” is not even an office number but a cell number that never gets answered.
    When runing a search of their company on a well known search site NOTHING could be found.
    Today I was to attend their seminar which was to start at noon, well 20 minutes after they still had not began.
    This company is nothing but a fraud, and by the time the Attorney Generals office opens their eyes they will be gone.

  5. AwareJobSeeker

    in other Indeed dot com posts someone said at the 3/15 “conference” they were given a 40 hour window in which they were told they had to complete the $50 registration to “hold their place”. it just blows my mind to think that sometime on Monday people actually forked over $50 to this obvious scam

  6. Misty

    No offices or jobs proven. No tech claims proven.
    What did people pay $50 for and what about those people who were promised jobs start date of may1st in April. Assuming anyone may have been working elsewhere or really unemployed fake job offers fake interviews in a fake office may have seriously f+cked with people’s lives!?!?

  7. Misty

    Its almost July and this “company” has not proven any tech or provided any benefits to paid members or “new hires” in fact in the end of may almost 100 people gathered in a hotel again to get paychecks for no show jobs with no idea or explanations of what’s causing the delays or where the 3 promised offices and facilities are located. Stuart Katz is currently being sued for embezzlement & fraud in MD. & those checks bounced. Nobody has any updates and no news or AG office has picked up this story.

      1. will Post author

        I haven’t heard much else besides what comments have been on this post. I can’t believe how outright scammy they were, didn’t even try to hide it. Truly a bizarre story. I don’t think anybody ever got hired or interviewed, only lost $50.

  8. City slicker

    nobody knows, originally i followed this story on reddit and did see real complaints on twitter and Better Business bureau site, theres no updates from anyone, real people lost more than $50, there were hotel conferences and fake interviews to attend to, people DID get “hired” with a start date just never got a job site or actually started a real job in a real location, strange thing is you get “hired” means you have real life consequences like stopping unemployment, stopping a real job search, buying new outfits, maybe splurging on something you didnt need like a dinner&movie night out, a vacation in that one month before you fake job started, one guy reported he was unable to get govt assistance because he was self reported as “employed” with a start date, it surprises me that in the age of instant click internet outrage theres no followups or stories by victims or advocates like every TV channel has a “scam buster” regular feature reporter?


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