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I made 2 virtual machines (VMware workstation 8.0 compatable) that are ready for deployment in your LAN. You’ll want to run these on a decent ESXi or VMware workstation host with a 1gbps or higher connection. Just download these machines and import them. You’ll probably want to assign a static IP address to these before you send them into production. On the WordPress website you’ll want to change a few of the links to match up with your system’s IP addresses.

Both VMs are running up to date (as of 2014-09-21) Ubuntu 14.04 64bit. The streaming server is set for 4 cores, so if your VM host only has a dual core you should adjust that. They require a combined 3gb of ram.

They are fully configured, and WordPress is installed and customized exactly how the guide shows.

Credentials for both (you should probably change these)

Username: streamer
Password: dh2n7

These will work for logging into the operating system, mysql/phpmyadmin root account, and WordPress admin account (wpress database for the website will use a different password).

WordPress credentials:

Database username: wpress
Database password: m3c6x

Again, you should probably change these!


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