Paul Harvey – The Rest of the Story


Unfortunately I have had to take down these files. I received a takedown notice from Paul Harvey News, Comment & The Rest of the Story®. I hope everyone enjoyed the old segments that help keep Paul Harvey’s memory alive.

Maybe there will be a way to purchase these old shows in the future, but for now they will be locked away in a vault at Paul Harvey News, Comment & The Rest of the Story®. Check  future updates.

12 thoughts on “Paul Harvey – The Rest of the Story

  1. Tyler Montgomery

    thank you Paul Harvey this reminds me of my father’s AM radio in his pickup truck as a child oh what a sweet time my dear father lives again thank you Paul Harvey godspeed to your soul thank you Paul Harvey may the rest of your story never be told and I shall attuned to the ether awaiting the rest of my days for the rest of your story and then you shall live forever oh thank you Paul Harvey

    1. David Driggers

      This reminds me of my days as a young kid. I used to listen to kkyx am (which was his local affiliate station in San Antonio at the time) i loved his show but unfortunately he passed away and his son paul harvey jr. Will not pick up where he left off and nobody else can fill his shoes. Rip paul harvey. You will be missed.

  2. TK

    Thank you so much for keeping this site up. I’m sure you’re a brilliant programmer, but this may be the only place on the internet to find these. Even the archive is now 404’d.

  3. P. H.

    I want to thank you. I have scoured the internet for all of his stories … and have always come up empty.

    I appreciate you taking the time to do this for the rest of us who fondly remember him and the amazing stories that he shared throughout his lifetime on the radio for all of America to enjoy.

  4. David Mizer

    For years now, I have been digging for Paul Harvey’s segment on “Friday” where he talks about things that happened on a “Friday” (like “Friday the 13th” etc.) Does anyone else recall this or know where I can listen to the audio of this?

  5. David Mizer

    Another segment I’m anxious to find is one where Paul Harvey talks about a man name “Dave” coming home at night at just the right time and having some king of encounter but I forget what happens or which TROTS it comes from.


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